How to Sanitize Your Car Against COVID-19

Sanitize Your Car - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

While it’s important to clean common areas in your house, don’t forget to clean another high-traffic area: your vehicle. Here are some simple ways you can sanitize your car against coronavirus germs.

Wear Gloves

It’s a good idea to don disposable gloves when cleaning your car. Not only will they shield your hands from harsh chemicals but you can throw them away afterward to prevent spreading any germs picked up during the cleaning process.

Use the Right Products

Scour hard surfaces in the cabin with either disinfectant wipes or soapy water. Pay special attention to areas that might have been exposed to germs when the driver or front passenger sneezed or coughed, like the door handles and dashboard.

For cloth upholstery, use a vehicle carpet or upholstery shampoo. You can also substitute these products with a bleach-free spray. For leather upholstery, you’ll want to use a leather cleaner that’s specifically made for that fabric.

Keep it Clean

Store hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in central locations throughout your vehicle’s cabin. These products will go a long way in helping keep COVID-19 and other infections at bay. And make a habit of deep-cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis to further protect yourself and loved ones from illness.

West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land wishes you and yours a safe and healthy season. Don’t forget to call us with any questions you have about maintaining your Lincoln or purchasing a new one.

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