2021 Lincoln Navigator Named ‘Best Road Trip Car’ by Esquire

Navigator is Best Road Trip Car - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

The Esquire Car Awards have bestowed the title of “Best Road Trip Car” upon the luxurious 2021 Lincoln Navigator.

The classy three-row SUV won over Esquire’s Kevin Sintumuang after he drove it for 8,500 miles on a cross-country family road trip. During that long journey, he enjoyed its interior comforts and Active Noise Control, which provides “a hushness more commonly associated with the likes of a Rolls Royce.”

That insulation from road noise provides the perfect backdrop for spirited family bonding time — or for rocking out to your favorite tunes on the 20-speaker Revel® Ultima audio system. And when it comes to comfort, Sintumuang specifically praised the available Perfect Position front seats, which boast 30-way adjustability and 11 air cushions.

On top of its opulent interior, the Lincoln Navigator delivers a thrilling ride courtesy of its 450-horsepower twin-turbo V6. Sintumuang also recognized the model’s good looks — when outfitted with the Monochromatic Package, it “fits right in at a fancy resort’s valet stand.”

In addition to his glowing praise for the Lincoln Navigator, Sintumuang also gave a nod to the Lincoln Corsair. He appreciates that it boasts similar qualities to the Lincoln Navigator, but in a smaller vehicle.

Looking for a road trip vehicle that’s a cut above the competition? You can find both the Lincoln Navigator and the Lincoln Corsair right here at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.

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