How Does Lincoln Phone As A Key™ Work?

Phone As A Key | West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land | Sugar Land, TX

Lincoln Phone As A Key™ is an advanced new technology that enables you to use your phone instead of a key fob for your Lincoln. After all, you already take your phone everywhere with you — why clutter your pockets with unnecessary items?

How the technology works

Lincoln Phone As A Key uses a combination of Bluetooth®, location tracking, and the Lincoln Way App. With these technologies, the app can detect when your smartphone is near the vehicle, and you can use it just as you would a key fob. With your smartphone in hand, it will unlock the door when you grab the handle, as well as activate the liftgate when you swipe your foot underneath the bumper. Alternatively, just press the button on the app.

Using Phone As A Key, you can also start your Lincoln remotely as well as use the Push Button Start feature. Additionally, your Lincoln will lock itself as you walk away.

What happens if my phone is lost?

If your phone has been lost or stolen, you can still get into your Lincoln by entering the Personal Door Keypad Code. While inside, press the Start button while holding down the brake pedal and the SYNC® system will prompt you to enter your backup code. It is recommended that you log into another device as soon as possible to delete the digital key on your lost phone.

Lincoln is always coming up with new ways to make life more convenient for its customers. Visit West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land to explore the Lincoln lineup and learn more about Lincoln technologies.

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