How to Stop Distracted Driving

How to stop distracted driving - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

If you, like many people, spend a lot of time in your car, it might seem like the perfect chance to multitask and cross a few things off of your to-do list. However, distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. It’s important to respect the importance of maintaining awareness and presence behind the wheel. Follow these tips on how to stop distracted driving to be safer on the road.

Put Your Cell Phone Away

Far too many people choose to use their cell phone while driving, thinking that if they can still glance at the road every few seconds they will be ok. Texting and even talking on the phone can both be dangerously distracting, and have resulted in many accidents. To avoid the temptations, put your cellphone in a place where you can’t reach it — like in the back cargo area — and only use it when you’re off the road.

Limit Interaction with Passengers

Passenger activity can be a big distraction, especially for young drivers. Parents might wish to set guidelines for their teen drivers on how many passengers can ride in their car at once.

Don’t Eat and Drive

Having your breakfast behind the wheel sounds like a good way to save time, in theory, but it’s actually just another thing that will take your attention away from other drivers.

No matter how focused you are, though, it always pays off to have another pair of eyes looking out for you — like Lincoln Co-Pilot360™. Visit West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land to discover vehicles equipped with safety and driver-assistive features that you won’t want to drive without.

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