Top Reasons to Buy a Lincoln SUV

Reasons to Buy a Lincoln SUV - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

When you’re looking around for a new luxury vehicle, eventually you’ll have to decide whether to go with a sedan or an SUV. While first-rate sedans like the MKZ are nothing to sneeze at, there are a couple of compelling reasons to buy a Lincoln SUV from West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.

Versatile Space

Unsurprisingly, most SUVs offer more overall space than sedans. That means they’re a prime choice if you have a family, frequently travel with pets, or just need cargo space for weekend gear. The 2021 Navigator, for instance, offers up to 103.3 cubic feet of storage capacity and more than 172 cubic feet of passenger volume.

Safety First

Generally speaking, SUVs and crossovers tend to be safer than compact cars, which is an important consideration if you have children. Lincoln takes that idea to the next level by equipping its vehicles with advanced driver assist features like Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking.

The Height of Luxury

When you buy or lease a Lincoln SUV, you know you’re in for a treat. That’s partially because you can outfit your cabin with premium materials like soft-touch leather and genuine wood. Of course, decadent additions like a heated steering wheel for year-round comfort and an adaptive suspension that guarantees a smooth ride don’t hurt.

If you’re interested in learning more about all of Lincoln’s exceptional SUV offerings, feel free to experience them in person at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.

Lincoln Ranks First for Luxury Customer Satisfaction

Lincoln ranks first in Customer Satisfaction - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s once again time to see what vehicles and automakers have been recognized for excellence by J.D. Power. As expected, Lincoln is among those honored; for the eighth year in a row, Lincoln Automotive Financial Services ranked first in the luxury segment for the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Consumer Financing Satisfaction Study.

But that’s not all, as Lincoln AFS also ranked the best for its billing and payment process. This recognition comes after a hard year of work on Lincoln’s part to optimize and expand its online application and account management tools. The end result is a system that allows drivers to effortlessly acquire their vehicle from any dealership they want.

Michael Sprague, North American director of the Lincoln Motor Company, had this to say about the award: “Technology allows us to enhance the traditional in-store transaction and make the ownership experience for our clients as seamless and convenient as possible. This accolade is another great testament to this commitment as we continue to build our brand in a way that is uniquely Lincoln.”

You can experience the efficient Lincoln-buying process for yourself when you schedule a test drive at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land today.

Lincoln Sound System Earns Top Honors in Multimedia Quality Study

Lincoln Sound System Tops List - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Houston, TX

If you drive a Lincoln vehicle, you might be shocked to discover that many consumers are extremely displeased with the multimedia system in their car, truck, or SUV. Per the most recent U.S. Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study conducted by J.D. Power, Lincoln owners are lucky to avoid the over-the-air update issues and flawed designs of many competitors’ multimedia systems while enjoying their Lincoln sound system and other advanced technologies.

Customer Satisfaction

Trusted consumer satisfaction firm J.D. Power surveyed 87,282 owners who purchased or leased 2020 vehicles in order to compile the results of the U.S. Multimedia Quality and Satisfaction Study. According to the wide-reaching study, Lincoln offers one of the best in-car multimedia experiences available.

Lincolns Take Gold

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator topped J.D. Power’s list of premium midsize and large SUVs thanks to its well-designed Revel® Ultima sound system that features 20 thoughtfully-placed speakers and three distinct sound modes. The powerful and immersive audio system, which was engineered by Harman®, earned 959 points out of an available score of 1000.

Additionally, the all-new 2020 Lincoln Corsair received top marks in the premium small and compact crossover segment for its impressive voice-activated navigation system. Evaluators were impressed by the system’s reactive touch-screen and natural voice controls.

If you want to experience the Lincoln sound system and the best multimedia experience in the premium segment, visit West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land to test drive a new Lincoln Navigator or Lincoln Corsair.

5 Signs of Tire Wear

Signs of Tire Wear - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

Tires are among the most essential components of your car. Unfortunately, they also happen to be some of the most vulnerable. That’s why it is important to keep these five signs of tire wear in mind every time you inspect your vehicle’s tires.

1: Over-/Under-Inflation

You might be aware of the risks that under-inflated tires present. However, over-inflated tires can cause just as many problems. Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper level.

2: Wear Near the Edge of the Tire

If your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment, the edges of your tires may see much more wear and tear than they usually would.

3: Car Pulls to the Side

Speaking of wheels that are out of alignment, a vehicle that pulls constantly to the side can be a sign of either an alignment out of sync or tire wear.

4: Erratic Tread Wear

The tread on your tires should receive wear and tear at a pretty even rate. If there is erratic or uneven tread wear, there is likely something wrong with your tires or wheel alignment.

5: Unusual Vibration or Noises

Unexplained vibrations and sounds should always be inspected as soon as possible, as they could indicate something is seriously wrong with your vehicle.

If you need an in-depth look at your tires by a team of automotive experts, then call our service center and bring your vehicle in for inspection at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.

Lincoln Virtual Wellness Panel Includes Matthew McConaughey

Lincoln Virtual Wellness Panel - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

Academy-award winning actor Matthew McConaughey has been the brand ambassador for Lincoln since 2014. The luxury brand has celebrated his laid-back attitude, often highlighting a more philosophical side of the actor in its campaigns. Recently, McConaughey went off script to represent the luxury brand at its recent Lincoln virtual wellness panel, held on August 12.

Calm and the Lincoln Way

The Lincoln virtual wellness panel supported the automaker’s latest initiative. Through the Lincoln Way app, Lincoln customers in North America will have a 12-month premium membership to Calm. Calm focuses on wellness and mental fitness.

McConaughey and three other panelists, neuroscientist and meditation teacher Nkechi Deanna Njaka, Lincoln Motor Company Director for North America Michael Sprague, and Calm’s Head of Mindfulness Tamara Levitt, used the 40-minute event to help viewers embrace a calmer sense of self. Elise Lochnen, chief content officer for goop, acted as the panel’s moderator.

The Open Road

During the discussion, McConaughey said that driving plays a part in his sense of calm.

“I still do take those drives to nowhere in particular. I’ll go get in the Navigator and I’ll have my relationship with music,” he said.

Learn more about the luxury of Lincoln and the Lincoln Way app at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land in Sugar Land, Texas.

How to Take a Safe Road Trip during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Safe Road Trip Tips - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

Few of life’s simple pleasures bring as much joy as a road trip. However, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of additional factors to consider before traveling to ensure you have a safe road trip. If you’ve got a trip coming up, here are a few simple tips to help you and your family stay safe.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready

There are few worse times for your vehicle to break down than in the middle of a pandemic. AARP’s Sarah Elizabeth Adler recommends having your ride serviced by a professional before you set out, just in case. They also suggest that you thoroughly sanitize your car’s interior, paying special attention to high-touch surfaces.

Limit Face-to-Face Interactions

In order to maintain proper social distancing, it’s important to interact with strangers as little as possible. That includes taking precautions like packing your own food so you can stay away from restaurants and paying for gas with a card rather than cash, so you don’t have to speak with a clerk.

Follow CDC Guidelines

If your road trip makes avoiding public places impossible, it’s vital to implement the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendations for slowing the spread of COVID-19. Stay as least six feet away from anyone not in your party, always wear a mask in communal areas — even if they are outside — and use hand sanitizer after you touch anything you haven’t previously disinfected.

At West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. If your vehicle needs any maintenance before you hit the open road, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with our service department.

Lincoln Aviator Named in Wards 10 Best Interiors List for 2020

Wards 10 Best Interiors features Lincoln Aviator - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

Every year, WardsAuto compiles a list of the 10 cars with the best interiors. Unsurprisingly, the Lincoln Aviator earned a spot in this year’s Wards 10 Best Interiors list thanks to its upscale atmosphere, clever use of premium materials, and overall comfort.

Interior Perfection

When you look at the Lincoln Aviator’s numerous interior features, it’s no surprise whatsoever why Wards considered it to be one of the 10 best in the industry. First, the cockpit was designed to emulate the feel of an airplane without sacrificing driver-focused utility. Next, Wards’ editors were exceptionally impressed by the cabin’s noise dampening, overall space, Perfect Position 30-way power front seats, and immersive 28-speaker Revel® Ultima 3D Audio System.

Lincoln’s Rich History

In regards to the Lincoln Aviator’s numerous praise-worthy qualities, Wards editor Tom Murphy said: “Lincoln has been on quite the roll, having won four consecutive Wards 10 Best Interiors trophies, starting with the Continental in 2017, the Navigator in 2018 and the Nautilus in 2019. This year’s honoree is the all-new Aviator 3-row luxury SUV, which draws us in with cashmere leather seats and a warm, cream color combination that is breathtaking.”

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is the height of refinement. To learn more, check it out on West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land’s website.

Summer Car Care Tips

Summer car care tips - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

As the temperature in Sugar Land continues to rise, it’s tempting to put your feet up and bask in the summer rays. However, the warm weather means you need to keep a close eye on your vehicle, as maintenance needs fluctuate with the thermometer. Here are some of our best tips for summer car care.

Keep an Eye on Fluids

A breakdown is never fun, but it’s even less so when you’re stuck in the hot summer sun. That’s why it’s vital to make sure that all of your vehicle’s essential fluids are topped off and fresh. Make sure to closely monitor engine oil, power steering and brake fluids, and radiator coolant.

Check Your Tires

You never want to drive on underinflated tires, but doing so in the Sugar Land heat is especially dangerous. If they don’t have enough air in them, the combination of low pressure and high temperatures puts you at increased risk of a blowout. Make sure to keep your tires inflated to the level specified in your owner’s manual.

Stay Comfortable

Don’t underestimate the importance of staying comfortable on the road, especially if you have children, friends, or pets in the car with you. Not only will keeping your air conditioning system fully charged stop you from dehydrating while you drive, it can help keep reduce fatigue and keep you alert and aware of your surroundings.

If your vehicle needs service before you set off on a road trip across Texas, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with the service experts at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.

How to Sanitize Your Car Against COVID-19

Sanitize Your Car - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Sugar Land, TX

While it’s important to clean common areas in your house, don’t forget to clean another high-traffic area: your vehicle. Here are some simple ways you can sanitize your car against coronavirus germs.

Wear Gloves

It’s a good idea to don disposable gloves when cleaning your car. Not only will they shield your hands from harsh chemicals but you can throw them away afterward to prevent spreading any germs picked up during the cleaning process.

Use the Right Products

Scour hard surfaces in the cabin with either disinfectant wipes or soapy water. Pay special attention to areas that might have been exposed to germs when the driver or front passenger sneezed or coughed, like the door handles and dashboard.

For cloth upholstery, use a vehicle carpet or upholstery shampoo. You can also substitute these products with a bleach-free spray. For leather upholstery, you’ll want to use a leather cleaner that’s specifically made for that fabric.

Keep it Clean

Store hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in central locations throughout your vehicle’s cabin. These products will go a long way in helping keep COVID-19 and other infections at bay. And make a habit of deep-cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis to further protect yourself and loved ones from illness.

West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land wishes you and yours a safe and healthy season. Don’t forget to call us with any questions you have about maintaining your Lincoln or purchasing a new one.

Lincoln Aviator Named Luxury Family Vehicle of the Year

Lincoln Aviator Luxury Family Vehicle of the Year - West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land - Houston, TX

Not only did the Lincoln Aviator gain recognition at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year, for its features, performance, and versatility. It also won the 2020 Luxury Family Vehicle of the Year award from a nonprofit consumer group known as Midwest Automotive Media Association.

About the MAMA Award

If you’re not familiar with MAMA, it’s comprised of public relations professionals and automotive journalists with the objective of helping car-shopping families make wise purchases when bringing home a new vehicle. To be eligible for the award, vehicles had to be new or have significant updates within a year of the 2019 Spring Rally. In addition, they had to have four doors and appear at one of MAMA’s two annual rallies.

Per the MAMA press release, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator came in with 192 points. It beat two of its rivals, the 2020 Cadillac XT6 and 2019 BMW X7 (which scored 108 and 148 points, respectively).

More to Love About the 2020 Lincoln Aviator

Besides recent awards, the 2020 Lincoln Aviator has a bounty of benefits that make it worth bringing home. It can accommodate up to seven passengers, while delivering 41.8 cubic feet behind the second-row seat and 77.7 cubic feet with both back rows collapsed.

It includes innovative driver-assist functions like Adaptive Cruise Control with Traffic Jam Assist, Active Park Assist Plus, and Reverse Brake Assist, to make the role of driving less stressful. And with passenger-centric amenities like 30-way adjustable front seats with Active Motion® massage functionality, it’s easy to relax on even the longest of drives.

Celebrate the 2020 Lincoln Aviator’s Luxury Family Vehicle of the Year award when you test drive it here at West Point Lincoln of Sugar Land.